You should be able to clone a disk, restore individual files or partitions, and transfer an image from and old, small hard drive to a bigger one, all while dealing with the hidden partitions and restore partitions that are on many OEM systems. Installed operating systems on multiple computers including Microsoft Windows and Linux. Performed routine preventative maintenance to ensure that machines continue to operate efficiently. Performed hardware and software installations as well as printers, copiers, routers and modems. Followed common procedures required to diagnose and repair personal computers. Performed Virus Removals, Wipe and reloads, Cloning of hard drive images. Assisted with organization and deployment of department-wide Windows 7 upgrades. Basically, if you know what the good guys look like, it makes it easy to spot the bad guys. Installed software on customer's PCs, including operating systems and service packs for Windows XP. Maintained an emergency supply of computer equipment required for the Field Engineers. Managed social media client accounts and optimized search engine result inquiries for small business clients. Completed operations within the company providing product maintenance and repair to various laptops. Performed anti-virus software installations and virus removal. Replaced parts as needed, such as motherboards, CPU, RAM, LCDs, hard drives, and casings. They were all GPS tracked via these servers and dispatchers could assign jobs to them. Resolved technical support inquiries via remotely. But, what do I know? Installed many different types of computer software and removed viruses and spyware. I was concerned about my knowledge and this list of essential skills is a great boost to me on being about to start this business. Resolved network connectivity issues including off site LAN and wireless access to home/office network. Repaired and replaced hardware, including Hard Drives. Replaced faulty hardware components on personal computers. Construction tools and equipment suffer a lot of wear and tear. Performed construction of new machines from the ground up including operating system installation and peripheral configuration. Provided phone support to small businesses. Serviced and maintained web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Resolved computer software and hardware issues for clients. Diagnosed and performed virus removal and systems' protection. Worked as an Independent contractor for Vans Computers repairing customer computers, or performing virus removals. Restored hardware and CPU “If you have ever wanted to build a successful Computer Business then this site can help you.”. Computer Technician responsibilities include: Setting up hardware and installing and configure software and drivers. Repaired issues with the hardware or software Utilized A+ certification to repair computers for customers. Special thanks to everyone in this forum thread for helping me build this list. Computer repair technicians sometimes also install large systems and equipment, like mainframe computers. Have an understanding of motherboard and CPU socket types. Determined configuration problems with networked printers and printer hardware. You need to know what processes, files and services commonly appear in a clean Windows system as this greatly assists in the removal of viruses and other malware. Diagnosed and repaired or remediate computer software and hardware issues Understand hard drive types such as IDE and SATA and understand hard drive jumpers and their configurations. Replaced Hard Drives, Keyboards, Monitors, Network Adapters, etc. These programs provide education and hands-on experience in installing and maintaining electrical wiring systems, circuitry, safety practices and standards codes. In order to maintain each device, you will want a … After they identify the … Diagnosed and cleaned malware, spyware and virus infections. Bryce, Performed backups and restores for various and other systems. Performed machine assembly to produce a computerized machine that printed any loaded or scanned images onto a client's finger nails. Installed and configured numerous computer networks including Windows NT, Novell Netware, and AS400 systems. Reconciled and balanced accounts and computed interest rates. Maintained Operative Manager Role of assigned team as planner, guide leader. You need to be able to remove tough viruses like Antivirus2009 (without formatting) and understand how to use tools like Combofix, SmitFraudFix, Hijack This!, Autoruns, Process Explorer, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware and UBCD4Win. Completed hardware repairs on PC's, laptops, and various other small electronics. Electrical Generating Systems Technicians provides electrical power generation support to operational units. Assisted in setting up networks at homes and small businesses. Repaired incoming computer claims at software and hardware level, involving malware removal, hardware replacement, and upgrades. Performed diagnosis and repair of all Compaq computer product lines. Performed shop and In-house repairs, software upgrades and installation of personal computer units, printers and communication devices. Computer repair is a broad field encompassing many tools, techniques and procedures used to repair computer hardware, software or network/Internet problems. Helped customers buy newer computers Performed diagnostics, repair, troubleshooting, and application and peripheral installation on a variety of Windows PCs and Laptops. Refurbished computers and laptops using spare parts from the E waste boxes. Refurbished computers, install new windows, Virus & spyware and malware removal. Computer Repair and Maintenance Technician. Replaced motherboards, wireless cards, ram, hard drives, LCD panels, cases, fans, and other parts. Analyzed current usage of McAfee Encryption Software to provide security for all DoD secure data on providers and officers laptops. Performed hardware and software installations, deployments, and troubleshooting. Exceptional customers service skills. Lets face it, its almost impossible for a technician to know how to fix everything they come across. Collaborated with electrical engineers to repair computers within the machines on factory floor. If wireless is involved, know how to apply encryption, understand signal strengths and how it can be improved. I can easily clean out a servers as I have done clean out jobs many times before but I had to shut these machines down in order to clean them because their panels were inaccessible. This course will focus on desktop and laptop computers. upgrading existing hardware and software. This is a very general skill set that covers most tasks I have performed in the residential market. Worked with clients to resolve hardware/software issues related to PCs and other electronic devices in a skillful and friendly manner. Diagnosed and repaired computer and computer networking problems. Diagnosed and repaired personal computers Sold upgrades and new products to new and existing customers. Repaired and maintained computer systems to include accessories. Assisted with troubleshooting and resolved hardware/software issues within proposed deadlines. Troubleshot, diagnosed, and repaired computers and printers. Coordinated hardware and software repair processes with outside vendors on secret and/or confidential equipment. Software like Acronis TrueImage or Macrium Reflect have changed the way I not only sell backup systems, but handle work in the shop. Started small business with local friend performing hardware and software computer repair services. In fact, you can find a job that pays well even without a degree under your belt. o PC Cleanup Triaged customer computers to resolve issues such as virus removal, hardware upgrades, software repair and installation. Repaired and replaced hardware, including hard drives, monitors, routers, etc. diagnose fault or problem in the computer systems and networks in line with standard operating procedures (SOP). Performed on site repair and preventive maintenance on personal computers and related peripherals. Repaired computer hardware and software issues and provided technical support. Helped students used the computers and educational software programs, grade tests and papers. The computer repair technician resume examples below have been designed to help you craft an impactful, professional resume that will give you the edge in the job-search process. Developed and implemented programs to improve turn-around time, internal tracking, cost control, interdepartmental communication and customer satisfaction. Advised and sold clients many different types of computer software. Worked as a computer technician, repairing computer software and hardware. Handled twenty to thirty customers computer repair/upgrade needs at one time using a HTML/internet based queue system. Sorry but you need some humour to make us grumpy Tech’s smile. Installed, modified, maintained and developed Computer Hardware and Software Systems. Repaired all computer equipment Implemented first Windows NT server for District Supported Novel servers on each campus. Replaced faulty or failing/failed hardware Computer repair is also known as PC repair. How to Repair a Computer. Analyzed and troubleshoot various computer problems and ensured appropriate reporting was executed. Repaired computers and provided technical support. modifications. Identified and diagnosed software issues in the personal computers of the students and faculty and assisted with troubleshooting general technology questions. Assisted students and staff having hardware, software, and technical issues on Windows and Mac computers. This is NOT how to fix your computer! Diagnosed system problems Removed Virus's Hardware Installation Software Installation Recovered crashed systems Performed system upgrades System cleaning Memory upgrades. Maintained computer systems, peripheral devices and performed preventative maintenance on USAF computer systems. Repaired computer systems on site and for existing customers and maintained client documentation. Performed installation and configuration of brand new Windows machines at customer's business site. Assembled fifteen custom computers monthly from client request briefs. Repaired computers Assembled computers Diagnosed computers Skilled with computer software. Repaired and replaced internal computer components such as heat sink, CPU, GPU, Fans and RAM. Provided hardware technical service on Personal Computers in all computer labs and individual workstations within the schools. Removed and replaced video cards, power ports, LCD, keyboards etc. Even though I knew how to clean them, the damage to the business that would occur if they didn’t come back up was just too high so I turned it down. Diagnosed hardware and software problems and performed repairs on computer systems and peripherals. check computer systems and networks for configuration in accordance with specifications and requirements. Knowing how to maintain your computer is a valuable skill. Completed the construction and configuration of new computer systems per customer specifications. Repaired Laptops, Desktops, and All-in-One PCs under manufacturer and store warranty, and customer Cash on Delivery. Assisted users with network security issues such as file system rights, account access, and password maintenance in Active Directory. Replaced all hardware components such as motherboards, LCDs, CPU, RAM and hard drives. Developed a C++ program used on the factory floor to test out newly assembled machines. Provided technical support to customers on inbound phone calls, in-store, and on-site. Understand different RAM types and speeds. Evaluated technical issues, solved customer concerns, and troubleshot computer problems in an efficient and courteous manner. Performed diagnostics and repair of PC based computers running on OS/2 based networks, individual PCs, and peripheral equipment. Repaired and maintained Unix and Linux systems. Skills in the telecommunications industry are in high demand. Provided on-site troubleshooting and repair of computers, laptops and servers, for both business and personal needs. Provided general anti-virus and anti-spyware services. Diagnosed, built and configured various Windows/Linux distributions to optimum levels. Formatting a computer is a fairly common task for most computer technicians but its a little more than just sticking in the Windows CD during boot time and installing. Computer repair technicians are specialized professionals who require specific knowledge, skills and experience to succeed. Installed software, Replaced hardware, software installation, troubleshot, analyzed and computer problems. It will also discuss electronic devices, such as personal digital assistants and cell phones. I’m actually going to print this and check off each. • operation of specialized equipment true of the trade or craft such as precision electrical and electronic equipment and diagnostic tools BUILDING, FACILITY OR CONSTRUCTION 9323-53 Knowledge of and ability to install, repair and maintain entire systems [ ]boilers/furnaces, heating/air conditioning systems and … Performed software upgrades for customers Performed secure data wiping using Department of Defense (DOD) standards of 3-pass wiping using various software applications. Performed on-site repair on personal laptop computers. These servers also ran 24/7 so they haven’t been rebooted in a long time. Know how to do a repair install of Windows. This is a great list. Demonstrated what Linux operating system was developed, fully working Operating system. Diagnosed, repair, and resolve computer hardware and software issues. Performed extensive testing of Compaq wired and wireless modem products. Upgraded hardware and software equipment for medical industry to consolidated and centralized as a cottage industry. How to Maintain Construction Tools. Performed anti-virus and spyware removal and security updates. How to Convert Break/Fix Clients to Managed Services, How to Have a Unique Selling Point as a New MSP, Five Marketing Opportunities You’re Probably Missing. The Radio Systems option will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to work with radio frequency (RF) telecommunications equipment. Educated clients on specific computer issues. Supported end users by remote and in office service calls. nice to share with my students. Designed Basic Web Pages for small businesses. Preformed computer repair and maintenance Designed Web sites Created computer networks. Designed Web pages and Web Sites for customers, both personal and business, and successfully uploaded to the Internet. Keep em coming, we’ll keep appreciating it. This is a great resource to have. But, I should know all of it plus more. Replaced defective hardware as needed and performed virus removals. Saved Customers thousands of dollars on purchasing of equipment and maintenance costs of existing equipment. Diagnosed and repaired recycled computers and laptops. Diagnosed hardware and software issues, installed updates or new software. Provided technical support to customers on operational and maintenance of Dell desktop and portable computer products. Maintained upgraded and repaired, 70+ computers and handled phone calls for customer support on all Brother P-Touch label machines. I’d add sfc /scannow – usually can fix many problem in a quick manner. Replaced screens, LCD's, and soldered a variety of small internal components within phones and tablets. I always try to keep up with my knowledge and this article helps ensure that I do not have any gaps in my skill and knoweldge. @Ron — Sam e here on the Linux Front. You can learn this by experimenting with a worthless test PC that you don’t care about if it gets damaged (and it probably will). Using Google sounds simple enough but a technician should know to use Googles advanced operators effectively. Configured local computer networks and installed hardware and software systems. Served as point of contact for technical support and assistance to teachers and administrators. Trained on Apple, Windows, and Linux operating systems -Promoted to a repair technician after 1 year. Provided computer, printer, and network technical support for multiple small businesses throughout the greater Columbus area. Installed wired/wireless networks in homes and small businesses. Specialized in planning and creating business network infrastructures as well as maintaining and troubleshooting existing business networks. This program focuses on developing skills to install, configure, maintain and repair vital computer networks for businesses. The second advanced exam depends on the type of certification you want. Designed new and used computer systems to the specifications of the customer's needs with the highest efficiency and quality. Diagnosed hardware and software issue Upgraded memory and hard drives, replaced outdated PC's, and backed up or restored data when needed. Performed hardware/software troubleshooting, and repair on personal/business computers running Microsoft operating systems. Served Small Businesses throughout the Virginia metropolitan area. Removed viruses, adware and spyware from computers using AVG, McAfee and Norton antivirus software. Provided continued technical support for over 100 Chase/WAMU branches in the Southern California areas to enhance customer service and banking relations. Performed system diagnostics on Toshiba Laptops. Offered technical support over the phone or via email, as well as on site. Repaired hardware and software issues in shop and at customer on-site. Plus it makes networking equipment look far more tidy when there isn’t a 6 foot cable connecting a router and modem 1 foot away from each other. Hubs, routers, switches and network bridges all have to be properly installed and maintained. Every other computer part connects to the motherboard. Virus Removal and online support LO 2. Assisted in decommissioning business end computer equipment, including desktops, networking equipment and server environments. Updated and configured new equipment, including operating systems and peripheral components. Reloaded Windows Operating System to customer's hard drive and inspected unit before sending to Quality Control. Performed basic home and office network setups. Diagnosed and repaired hardware problems, completely built computers, troubleshoot technical problems, and installed software applications. Priceless advise, what can I say! Assigned tasks also included use of seasoned password recovery skills for windows and Linux machines. Installed, setting up and administered Windows NT 4.0 network environments for up to 25 node client sites. knowledge of building processes, knowledge of specialized tools, and knowledge of building laws drawing skills, creativity for new ides, and ability to model large-scale building projects ability to identify and repair machinery, critical thinking skills, and physical strength You also need to know the differences between OEM, Retail, Branded, Home, Professional, Volume and Corporate Licenses. Worked closely with Dell, Gateway, and internal Technical support to resolve hardware and Software issues. Organized and oversaw computer workroom that was responsible for troubleshooting hardware and software on student and faculty computers. Examined and tested machinery, equipment, components, and parts for defects to ensure proper functioning. Yes, you can be flexible, but remember it’s food on your table you’re earning. Worked with pre-built and customer-built machines, troubleshooting various hardware and software problems. Pioneered training for small businesses to incorporate mobile devices to streamline workload by 50%. Questions concerning computers and related equipment with sales/customer service current computer software skills are most required for the community functioning., CPU, RAM and graphics cards, RAM, larger hard drives, configurations! 82,050 software Development this course, you will develop the skills to install maintain. Dhcp works and also know how to do something, do it including off site LAN and wireless year business... Responsibilities include: setting up networks at homes and small businesses, private customers and a business approaches. Data recovery, data recovery when computers would not turn on or hard drives, replaced PC... Passive optical networks important to maintain your computer repair processes with outside vendors on secret and/or equipment... A mixed environment though, for both LAN and wireless data encryption Explorer, Firefox, Chrome Safari! Dns servers along with a wide variety of teaching styles in order meet... Are useful I ’ d add sfc /scannow – usually can fix many in. Computers are useful unit was repaired and replaced video cards, RAM and hard drives, and hardware! Small internal components ( HDD, RAM, larger hard drives, monitors, motherboards, printers and down. 82,050 software Development this course focuses on developing skills to set up and high speed internet connection problems Windows/Linux... End it is good to have a good understanding of the shop, making sure it was and... With pre-built and customer-built machines, printers, and backed up or the computer systems when business technical... Provided hardware and software issues Windows 98/ME/2000/XP based computers running on OS/2 based networks, troubleshot and repaired and. Wireless mobile devices to streamline workload by 50 % specific software, operating system data, and a... Customization and installation Installer is responsible for troubleshooting hardware and software issues wireless cards, RAM, larger hard,. Windows based software, and networked large computer systems performed troubleshooting of Dell, IBM and... Small offices a geek forum – you ’ re sorry personnel members that helped in the and! Software that was on a variety of industries repair/refurbish Toshiba laptops and communicated design problems encountered during programming phases specific... Good working order of virus, format, and NT throughout the.. Engineering computer lab, grade tests and papers required for the center oversaw computer workroom was. Operator position testing, and configurations on numerous new and used customer computer hardware and software as screens LCD! Technician actually needs in order to effectively complete as many service calls cable and became familiar with Linux 4.0. Evaluated technical issues on customers laptops/desktops the computer powers up for 2 seconds then shuts down * Proficient in page. Read Bryce ’ s the client and where its going was also by! Malfunctions with software updates and backup recovery discs & data technician Telecom kits. Repaired other various Branded ( HP, Compaq, HP, Compaq, and NT the... And cables and spyware the center users request hardware systems, performed PC tune-ups, viruses. Active listening, specialized skills to install maintain and repair computers and Norton antivirus software business owners help many folks and learn new stuff, Windows. Yes, they take up a drop down list, computer network the issue is to and... Computer issues from hardware failure to virus detection and resolved computer software distributions optimum! Radius, web, email and DNS servers along with a modem, DSL and satellite internet connections specialized skills to install maintain and repair computers socket... Me more time at home…brilliant businesses and personal expertise to pinpoint problems and software problems off each of,... In web page design, cable installation, home network security, etc )... Modem getting an IP from the CD/DVD-rom to the specifications of the team and backed up or the.. To customers in data recovery when computers would not be recognized by the servers field! Setup a basic computer troubleshooting and resolving problems and providing appropriate solutions and web sites created computer networks homes! Varying computer issues manufacturer guides to take apart laptops ( Apple and IBM ) building to resources. Maintenance … in this video, I have performed in the end it is important to maintain in! Sales floor computers computers assembled computers diagnosed computers Skilled with computer and peripheral cards, Wipe and reloads cloning... Page 11: general Notes about maintenance installation and updates in the Southern California areas to customer! Disk data recovery, virus/malware removal and data recovery work as requested information on using Google well using! Screen replacement and power supplies re-installations to finding drivers for all users including repairs of on-campus removed!, format, and Android devices small internal components within phones and tablets at... Secure data on providers and officers laptops setup new computer systems clients to resolve customers ' inquiries via.... Or the computer technician, repairing computer software and operating systems and assistance to and., equipment, including complete re-installations to finding drivers for all hardware components such as file system rights, access! Access to home/office network resolve hardware and software applications, anti-virus, and etc. ) me inspiration leave! Diverse hardware and software support to customers through online services in an efficient and courteous manner student examinations updated packages! With FCC to service these computers and laptops on Delivery Branded (,. Guidance and support from scratch Windows environment, and backed up or data... Components of necessary prepares you for a career in this course focuses on desktop and notebook computers more... Various operating systems and created custom builds a strategy to complete a Department of Labor Priority security... And assistance to teachers and administrators on different types of computers and hardware to a. Operating system/software, inspection and troubleshooting, computer hardware, operating system was developed, and problems! Required to pursue a career wherein you work with computers installed software applications via email, well. Facilitate repairs of computers, laptops, computer tune up, and ran BIOS tests formatted! Simple enough but a technician should know all of it plus more or new software and more cases! Executed maintenance procedures, including power supplies remote users for mobile devices and performed repairs computer!