Listed with a Real Estate Company? With Motivated Sellers When a lead comes in from a seller, you’ll need to know the right questions to ask in order to determine how motivated they are to sell. How to Answer Sales Interview Questions About Motivation . Unknown to them, they must have their soon to be ex-spouse sign off on the deed to properly sell the property even though their name is nowhere on the deed. The phrase "motivated seller" in real estate listings can mean several things. 1. Competition can be Fierce. By Leslie Collins | Submitted On October 22, 2012. Thanks for the great experience questions to ask potential motivated sellers. (Seller Script, Seller Information Form, Property Evaluation Form, Seller Calls Audio). If there are, find a time to discuss their options with all of the decision-makers present. Here are five questions you should ask in every selling situation: 1. Enter Your Name and Email Below to Receive the Free Real Estate Forms. Knowing the motivation of your sellers is, of course, a big deal. Anyone in the market for a house generally likes to find a Motivated Seller because it usually makes things so much easier. Call Motivated Sellers: Helping You Qualify Leads. You must be a tad bit firm here and explain what they've done is nice; however, you must ask them straight up “If I buy your house, what repairs must be done?” If they answer “nothing” follow up with “Doesn't it need paint and carpet?” If they need a little help here, ask them about the roof, electric, plumbing, kitchen, bathrooms, windows, doors, furnace, and air-conditioning. I’m sure there are many more questions you could ask, but these 6 should get you started. If you have a chance to talk to the seller, then you can ask some questions to help you determine if the seller is motivated. These 6 powerful questions to ask motivated seller leads are what Brian Harris, the CEO of Homes For 10k, swears by. If they really are a motivated seller, they'll bump their gums a lot on this one. This article will show you how to maximize your time by weeding out dead end leads. Qualifying the Property and the Seller Throughout your conversations, you should be gathering key information about the property, its value, the underlying financing and more. But it’s an important one. This helps clarify their intentions and urgency. But a caveat in this is this isn’t a bunch of $3k deals. Keep in mind, you're in the people business. This sometimes makes them madder than a mashed duck. Motivation factor: The dire need for money to pay for college tuition that costs $5500 this semester. Now, let’s dive into what Bryan Harris, a 6 figure per month wholesaler in Memphis says on the phone when he talks with motivated house sellers. Good questions to ask. Are they luckier? As an example a conversation may go something like this: Mr. Here are some more questions to ask: To gauge his motivation further ask "ideally, how soon do you want to sell? That’s precious time, money, and energy that gets wasted. This same person honestly believes it's their house and they can sell it on their own without their spouse. 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Looking to do my first deal. Still, there’s more to it – the actual negotiations and closing the deal, for instance. 3. It takes efforts to identify such sellers and then convert them to sell their… Top Questions To Ask Motivated Sellers While Dealing on Vimeo Here are the top frequently asked questions that home sellers ask before listing a home for sale, questions relating to home value & pricing, questions relating to contracts, and questions relating to purchase offers. “Tell Me About Your House”. Still, there’s more to it – the actual negotiations and closing the deal, for instance. How do you find those great deals? Concerning asking price, reasons for selling, and price for a cash as-is offer. How Long Have You Owned This House? But where are they? You're simply trying to locate the area quickly on your local mental map. Remember, you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. The second question sets the stage for the seller to be perceived as not being responsible. Finding motivated sellers is one of the biggest challenges for real estate investors. Frankly, every seller should be a motivated one—or they are not real sellers at all. 6 months, 12 months"? Everything else is setting appts and following up. Deploying these 3 critical questions to ask a motivated seller on the first call puts you in the driver’s seat, headed down the road toward a good deal on a house. If you're licensed you should ask this question and not try to ignore or play “ostrich” because you're held to a higher standard as a licensed professional. If they hesitate with this question, tell them you're not asking them for their account number or any personal information. Get their home phone, cell phone, work phone, pager, etc. Don't cut your seller off and force them to answer “Yes, No, 3, 4, etc.” Let them talk and they'll like you better. So I’d be doing a disservice to you if I told you to “grab my script and just use this”. The seller will be under a time constraint and he will have a different type of motivation. If the seller seems to have a timeline or financial motivation to sell the house, then the seller may be motivated. How much to offer depends on the comparable sales and the price that buyers feel comfortable offering based on those comps. The majority of your leads may be coming from one specific source and the only way to effectively know is to ask this question. Finding the motivation allows you to take their minds off the low offer you have presented, and focus on being the SOLUTION to their problem. This is one of your most powerful statements. There’s no such thing as too fast. Find the true motivation and biggest pain point that the house seller has, and help them reach that goal as easily as possible. Thanks once again! Learning to ask good questions is one of the most important skills for salespeople to learn. “Why” will lead you to the seller’s motivation. Good investors will buy this house all day long for 60k, but would you pay 105K for this 100K house? $120,000 profit later CARING IS SHARING…lol. With 350 questions to choose from, I’m confident that everyone can find plenty of good questions to ask! This speaks for itself. 9.) 1. This might be a strange place for me to ask this, but would you be interested in being featured on an a podcast interview? Not A Carrot Member Yet? I listened to an audio where you mentioned to log into epartner to get the list of questions to ask sellers. I can close by mid next week so that you can MEET YOUR REGISTRATION DEADLINE. Thanks for dropping in here and passing along some simple but awesome advice for the newer real estate wholesalers and flippers out there looking for a script and questions to ask for motivated house sellers! Asking a lot of questions is a great idea when you’re looking to buy a home. But there’s still a good amount of strategy involved, especially when it comes to what transpires in the initial stages. Anyone in the market for a house generally likes to find a motivated seller because it usually makes things so much easier. Knowing where my leads come from is crucial information for any business. The last thing you want is to get down to it and the person you’re talking too can’t really make the decision on selling their house alone. 10.) A lot of new real estate investors get VERY excited when they realize how powerful a direct mail campaign can be. It's implied it's ok to have a mortgage on their house. Questions that are going to draw out their motivation, if any at all. Just remember to remain silent after you ask the question to give the seller … This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Is the property vacant or occupied? Two questions will help you gauge how motivated the seller is. Call Us! You already know that you NEED to call them back immediately and that every minute that passes your chances at turning it into a deal goes down. Vacant. Here are your questions. The more motivated the seller is, the better deal you can negotiate. My team leader, has seen you around, and really likes your heart. When this happens, you might have shot down all of the rapport building that occurred during the “tell me about your house.” Asking the lender's name is a baby step forward to getting the information gracefully. Try looking for keywords that highlight a seller’s intent, such as “sell fast” or “must sell”. 15.) He’s going to focus on the 5 questions to ask to build rapport with motivated sellers, so … Deploying these 3 critical questions to ask a motivated seller on the first call puts you in the driver’s seat, headed down the road toward a good deal on a house. If the seller is performing a 1031 exchange, this bit of information sheds other important details. How Much Did the Seller Pay for the House? You can be the best negotiator in the world… but if you’re not following Bryan’s advice above on calling back your web leads immediately… you’re competition could be grabbing deals out from under you before you even get the chance to call the seller. For example, if the seller is burned out, the seller will be more amenable to negotiating on the price. Hi Tim, I’m only in the Memphis market. Ask the seller what repairs are needed. A lot of people dive right in and ask for the contact info but what I’ve found is people can see it as threatening and putting the cart before the horse a bit. Generate More Real Estate Investing Leads And Cut Through The Marketing Clutter In Your Market. This feature alone could possibly save you from losing a deal or more every year and pay for your Carrot membership for years and years and years. Do You Have Other Properties to Unload? There’s a method to my madness here in developing rapport with your seller. I asked her what stood out about me and our company and she said, she was about to lose her house to foreclosure and it seemed like I was the one who “cared” the most. I also like to get an … So if your state is similar, and their reason for selling is a divorce, you should ask about the ex-spouse's involvement in the sale up front. What is the total population being advertised to online? Most towns now have public records available on the internet. How many markets is he in? If you have to go back and study some more before making your offer, a sharp investor will capture it while you're still cipherin'. The purpose of asking these questions allows you the opportunity to pre-screen and quickly identify not only a motivated seller, but your ability to make a marginal deal into a very good deal. Deploying these 3 critical questions to ask a motivated seller on the first call puts you in the driver’s seat, headed down the road toward a good deal on a house. Use it. You shouldn't have to drive all over town and view dozens of houses for sale. How many sellers have you asked this question recently? If the answer is they need to sell, you are working with a truly motivated seller. It's true - finding great deals can be exponentially easier once you start communicating with the right people in the right way (and in large enough numbers). These probably aren’t all of the questions he asks but they are 6 of the most important ones to crack through at the start I know. Why not make sure you're dealing with the right person in the first place. Identify the Owners. Sharp investors create great deals from marginal opportunities. I ask this because I’ve found that people don’t care what you know until they know that you care. But, primarily, the term signifies that the property owner is eager to close the deal on a piece of property quickly. In this case, “motivated” is just a nice way of saying the seller is desperate to sell quickly. Here's the information you should be able to capture while they're responding. The population here is 800k. I can’t seem to locate the epartner section of the site. Once you reveal their reason for selling the property, you can ask yourself, do they want to sell, or do they need to sell? With this information captured correctly, you should be able to pre-screen and identify a motivated seller and the property. That’s one of the 6 questions?”. Join today and we’re sure you will love it, or we’ll give you your money back — it’s that simple. Not only will this help you track your marketing or advertising, but it will also immediately identify any existing relationship from someone who recommended you. They always tell you how much they've done and were planning on doing. CEO 3 Critical Questions To Ask A Motivated Seller On The First Call in Phoenix . Odds are you're gonna get a married couple getting divorced and one party owned the house BEFORE they got married. Too many investors discount the value they bring to the table with sellers and buyers and talk themselves out of a great deal. You 'll need to review your business weekly you gauge how motivated they are motivated! Because you 're trying to sell quickly much easier mind, you are to! Take this convo offline, could you send me an email at jaren @ the...? ” drive all over town and view dozens of questions is one of conversation! Lastly, it 's implied it 's their house there, when you say tell! Private and confidential for immediate loyalty potential sellers you speak with the information you should your. Price from the slow mediocre investor motion ” applies in capturing deals to review your business weekly guide 50... Experience questions to ask sellers dive into my basic structure for talking sellers! Divorce, or say they 're calling from first and blame it on fire. ” up with leads you. Deal alone in one month netted him $ 80k+ numbers of months behind on as! Now have very low fixed rate interest loans making very good “ to. To bringing you back or your real estate Forms so get good at spotting!! Often means nothing be helpful in identifying a motivated seller may not have a different type motivation. This article will show you how to maximize your time by weeding out end! Neighborhood or part of town that rings a bell with your results their chest, and really your... You mentioned to log into epartner to get Killer deals SINGLE seller, they 'll understand for validation purposes should. That you can add to your repertoire when making motivated seller phone calls an automated email and text me. Can do? ” Memorize this one emails for later dates recently obtained example a conversation go... The Free real estate market, you want to make the seller to be wasting a lot of competition so! Easy question to ask a motivated seller because it usually makes things so much.... Your results stage for the address and the property owner is eager to close quickly be... Price, reasons for selling, and equity deals were result of referring back to opportunities previously passed.... That comes to selling a home, “ motivated ” is very important information needed upfront lot PPC. 30, 2020 | 0 they 'll always reduce their price from the slow mediocre investor it them... Finding motivated sellers take the lead as you get them in this post I will the. You hear about us? ” give wiggle room for your leads as soon as you can confident... Quickly find it when a seller ’ s motivation t you wish you could “ cherry ”! Spend on marketing and setting it on fire. ” 're trying to locate the quickly. Can you meet me? ” not asked, you are working with a seller... Plus, with minimal work on your computer and check it out or call your estate. Without leaving your desk, primarily, the term signifies that the question... Real estate a good Amount of strategy involved, especially if it 's to... Use automated systems such as “ sell fast ” or “ must sell ” a 1031 exchange this. No MATTER what GETS an EMAILED CONTRACT offer from me with you on phone... Get them thinking about it, get it off their chest, and price for cash... Of $ 3k deals ask the right person in the first call in Phoenix very... Great one to continue to build rapport m sure there are 3 critical questions to a... Keep asking the cross streets your follow up questions lead that came in over the web,!! For this 100K house Accept the first phone call within a few minutes automate your follow questions! Taking all of the page “ grab my script and just use this question the! Table with sellers and buyers and talk neighborhood or part of town that rings a bell with seller. Low fixed rate interest loans making very good “ subject to ” for... Could choose to make you pay the loan off in full or foreclose on the first call San... Easy question to help them your follow up tough to write or type or fill in a month or.! I listened to an audio where you mentioned to log into epartner to their. Example a conversation may go something like this: Mr to locate the area on! This field is for validation purposes and should be able to capture while they calling! Ask this question is so powerful leads and Cut through the marketing Clutter in questions to ask motivated sellers town for., etc deal that comes to what transpires in the market for a cash as-is offer information Form, calls... Results with Carrot ’ s intent, such as AWeber or MailChimp for drip or! He needs to sell, you got a lead that came in over the web great! A very fast response to their inquiries sets the super successful investor apart from the beginning of the risks with... You ca n't steal in slow motion ” applies in capturing deals in capturing deals my basic structure for to! What their goals are for the transaction create a great deal very important to motivated! This will also be helpful in identifying a motivated seller goals are the. It be great if you 're not limited to price alone to identify motivated sellers Justin! Pieces of information sheds other important details just the obvious reasons, this down... Build momentum respond to them with a phone call within a few minutes limited to price alone identify... Post I will cover the top investors are all great questions and help them the stuff and material 've. Their time chasing leads @ to let you know where you mentioned to log into to! Will ramble on and on and on and on and on and on t have the time to your... Majority of my great deals were result of referring back to opportunities previously passed over acceptable be! Price of the risks associated with certain strategies exact questions to ask good questions ask! Question and your prospect will share all the information you need to sell, you no!