The context is, I have two contracts I've deployed via a single migration. Installation. Tested in Chrome 74-75, Firefox 66-67, IE 11, Edge 18, Safari 11-12, & Node.js 8-12. This method is like _.find except that it returns the index of the first element that passes the callback check, instead of the element itself. A modern JavaScript utility library delivering modularity, performance, & extras. If none is specified, the plugin checks what was imported in ES6 modules or required in commonjs. Install n_ for Lodash use in the Node.js < 6 REPL. One is a token, the other the app. Lodash makes JavaScript easier by taking the hassle out of working with arrays, numbers, objects, strings, etc. Sometimes I wished they had pre-installed lodash into REPL because it can be of help working with complex object arrays. Back in the days, I had a huge headache when using Node REPL. We can use a special